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This beautiful beautiful black is a little slut with big ass and with feet and sexy toes. Her partner joins her at home and finds her slumping on the chair. The guy already has a great desire to fuck while she is in a deep sleep. He then takes the feet of the chick and sucks them, he loves these toes super good that he sucks them as if it was chocolate. And still no reaction coming from the girl.

From footjob to solo

The guy wants to wake her up and he sucks her nipples while she's still in her nap. But this guy no longer wants to wait until the bomb awakens from his sleep that he starts himself a small part of ebony footjob with the feet of his girlfriend. He massages them first with a little lubricant and rubs them against his tail. He takes one of his feet and rubs his balls with the tip of his foot. It feels good to feel this member between his thighs especially against his cock. Then he massages the tail by kneading it against the soles of one of the feet. Do not forget to squeeze his cock between the two feet of the girl still under his control. He has the tail that slips between his limbs and it excites him too much that it pushes a great uncontrolled moan that awakens the chick. She notices that her tits are in the air and that her feet have traveled very far.

Footjob fucking par excellence

More excited than ever on her awakening, the chick continues the footjob but this time awake. She presses the guy's tail in a spectacular way that he does not stop moaning like crazy. After she sees that and close to ejaculate on her legs, she approaches the tail and begins to suck it as hard as she can feel the rise of the sauce inside the tube. She continues the handjob with her feet until the guy comes to make a big jet of sperm too satisfactory.

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